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This is the world’s longest and most comprehensive eBook on sustainable, profitable, natural farming and gardening, with many alternatives to chemicals. It also gives Human Health information and tips on investing profitably.

There are many colour photographs, and the cost is a fraction of a printed book, especially due to the low sales of agricultural books, which would make it prohibitive. GrazingInfo is a technical publication, and the best thing about it, is that it is updated regularly. Some chapters are up to version 4.1 which is forty one updates. Questions may be asked. The most pleasing aspect is that in the first year, we received 53 thanks and testimonials.

 eBooks are the way of the future. All or parts can be printed, e-mailed, etc. Internet published items are now many more than printed publications. The author, Vaughan Jones, started farming in 1943 aged 12 when he bought a cow, at 13 took a two year finance and physics course, and at 15 took a two year Agricultural course. He then worked on, and later managed, his parents 100 ha dairy, poultry, pig and cropping farm. In 1954, he moved to New Zealand and worked for three excellent dairy farmers, and one also farmed sheep. He then bought, with a 90% mortgage, a 40 ha Waikato peat runoff on Piako Road, Gordonton, which he converted to dairying, and later bought more peat blocks from two neighbours. He improved these from 28 cows to 180, then engaged a 50% sharemilker in 1966 and retired - for two years. Lynton Symonds continued to sharemilk for him and his wife Auriel for 12 years, he increased cow numbers to 220, and then bought his own farm.

The information contained in both the Chapters and the Spreadsheets is practical and profitable, easy to read in simple language, and backed by trials and photos.

Vaughan’s unique 60 spreadsheets software programs lead the farming world and are used by many, including the NZ Livestock Improvement Corp (LIC), who at his suggestion changed from Breeding Index to Breeding and Production Worth in 1987.

A dairying farmer couple from Walton, Waikato, lost NZ$244,000 in 2009 and were about to lose their farm, consulted Vaughan Jones and used GrazingInfo eBook, and over four years changed to a profit of $300,000, by doing what is in this eBook. Farmers who apply adequate LimeMagPlus (see Minerals in Soils, Pasture & Animals > Calcium) can stop using urea so grow more clovers, eliminate ryegrass pulling, facial eczema and pasture rejection from mould, and reduce weeds - without any spraying. Also, feeding animals Solminix makes them healthier to grow faster, without internal parasite treatment. 

The Testimonials show some of the hundreds of success stories.

Click Index to see the 200 chapters (there are more to come) and 60 spreadsheets. 

Subscription is NZ$115.00 (including GST) for New Zealand subscribers, US$90 if overseas. 

The Spreadsheet software at NZ$345.00 (including GST), or US$250.00, is the most profitable investment many farmers have ever made. Included are "Fertiliser Nutrient Planner", "Dairy Cow Numbers for Maximum Profit", Cash Flow and Budget spreadsheets which have saved farmers tens of thousands of dollars.  

Many subscribers profit so much from the information, they some choose to make additional donation payments. You can do so via the "Make Payment" button on the "Member Home" tab. Donation payments are tax deductible. 

If you need an Invoice for income tax and/or GST, please download one from Free Items and enter your information. 

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